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Refresh Micro Market

We offer a best in class platform for vending, foodservice, and hospitality. Our proprietary MicroMarket is a 24/7 unmanned self-checkout MicroMarket that can offer fresh food and beverage alternatives to vending in your workplace.

The Retail Markets Administration Portal/Market Account provides clients and their customers with a full suite of easy to understand, web-based administrative and user account management capabilities.

At the heart of the MicroMarket is the kiosk, where the customer scans and pays for their items. The kiosks can be configured in multiple ways, including a cash or no-cash dispensing option, and can be customized or branded for any environment.


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Machine Types


Gen3c kiosk is a purpose built kiosk designed exclusively for MicroMarkets. Developed for intuitive customer use, fast operator servicing and built to handle the harshest client environments, the Gen3c can be configured to accept cash or become completely cashless thanks to its modular design.


Nanomarketâ„¢ is a modern, tablet-based device for smaller locations, allowing operators to expand into locations that were previously cost prohibitive. Operators will enjoy the ability to quickly and easily open new locations without sacrificing the quality and innovation they have come to expect from suite of products.