Credit Policy

- Our credit terms are net 14 days.
- Customers must have established accounts in order to process orders online.
- Your account must be in good standing before orders can be processed.
- Please be advised that we do not accept credit cards as a form of payment.
- Please forward your payment by way of cheque.

Shipping Policy

Orders received before 6:00 pm will be processed during that days picking schedule with shipment to be made on your next scheduled delivery day. Please be advised that for some products, we are the designated distributor for specific sales territories and we may not be able to process orders for products ordered outside our authorized territory. (Ex Coca-cola products - Avalon Peninsula area only)
Due to weight restrictions and prepaid freight costs, we reserve the right to decline certain orders where the product weight would make it uneconomical to ship. Customers would have the option of paying thir own freight in these instances. (Ex. Coca-cola products - Avalon Peninsula Area only)

Minimum Shipment Values:

- Avalon Peninsula Area - Confectionary/Food Service $350.00
- Avalon Peninsula Area - Dustbane Products $150.00
- Out of town Orders $750.00

Return Policy/Shipment errors

Please be advised that any shipment errors/shortages/damages must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of the goods.
An authorization must be obtained before any product is returned. Please call your sales representative for the appropriate authorization before any product is returned.

Weighted Product

Please be advised that product sold by weight (ie. kg/lbs) has to be handeled differently from a unit of measure perspective. Please order one item and once picked and weighed your invoice will reflect the correct amount. Please note that your invoice will differ from your order confirmation because of weight differences.

Private Label Products

Please be advised that through our online ordering system you have access to our total product listing. However there are certain private label listings that cannot be sold at large to all customers. We reserve the right to restrict customer purchases of any private label products.